COVID-19 Impacts Coaching – New Trends Gaining Support

COVID-19 Impacts Coaching – New Trends Gaining Support

There can be no doubt that having a business coach to help you move your business to the Next Level makes perfect sense in today’s competitive marketplace. The right coach will not only tailor-make a program based on your business needs but, will push you and hold you accountable as the focus is on the success of your business.

The COVID-19 restrictions being put in place in South Africa and around the world will have an impact on business coaching specifically with regard to one-to-one and group coaching. While this will impact this sector, there is hope!

Technology and the Internet have started to reshape business coaching as we move into the future which includes the impact the 4th Industrial Revolution is having on this sector. This is a good thing for business owners as the costs of hiring a business coach can be dramatically reduced and this can limit the impact the COVID-19 restrictions have in this sector.

The business coaching industry is evolving as more automation is introduced based on insights shared by members of the Forbes Coaches Council (read the article here). Let’s look at the trends that will impact you as a business owner.

Automated Coaching

Technology and the Internet provide opportunities to coach online through tutorial videos, self-study workbooks, and online video consultations. This means business owners have access to their content and coach from anywhere at any time.

Coaching To Overtake Consulting

The main difference is that coaching emphasizes the transfer of knowledge and wisdom whereas consulting augments gaps in knowledge. With business owners becoming younger, they will seek to learn as talent becomes harder to ‘rent’.

Demonstrate Measurable Results

A good coach will ensure that any and all strategies taught and implemented can be measured and are measured on a regular basis to ensure changes are made to improve their effectiveness.

Increased Focus On Personal Skills

A good coach will include personal development with business coaching as at the head of every business is a person and having the right mindset is critical for the achievement of goals by carrying out the tasks agreed on at each session.

More Content

For effective transfer of knowledge and skills, there will have to be an increase in content sharing versus just asking the right questions. The sharing of content will also provide the business owner with a reference point for future use.

Relationships, Results, And Rewards

Practical wisdom, proven strategies, tighter time frames, and accountability is becoming more and more important for a successful coach/client relationship that is based on mutual benefit.

Coaching In The Digital World

With an increased demand for a business owner’s time, the days of in-person coaching are dwindling in favor of making use of technology and the Internet to deliver content and results faster. This is carried out by using webinars, online training, digital content, and online video consultations that makes for easier accessibility, and can be adapted to fit the business owner’s schedule.

What Does This Mean For You?

All the above-mentioned trends will mean a reduction in coaching costs as there is no need for travel to and from clients and printed material. This reduces the coach’s overheads which are returned to you by means of reduced rates.

It’s Already Being Done

The Business Coaching Hub and it’s latest business networking platform, Coach On Call is already making use of all of the above and in most cases charging less than 50% of the current coaching rates.

With technology and the Internet, we have dramatically reduced our overheads allowing us to return the savings to you through more affordable coaching programs that are now accessible to more start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners than ever before.

Let me give you an example; traditional coaching ranges from R3,000.00 to R5,000.00 per hour but by using technology and the Internet, we have reduced this to less than 50% of the lower rate. This means you still get professional business growth coaching without breaking the bank.

Don’t wait for your revenues to be impacted before taking action. Start implementing this new strategy now and future-proof your business by limiting the impact the Corona Virus restrictions have on your business through Coach On Call.

“Your Success Is Our Focus!”

Carlos Batista

Carlos Batista

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