Business Revival Course

Easy To Implement 3-Step Process To Revive Your Business

Leverage The Digital World To Take Advantage Of The Opportunities That The Easing Of Lockdown In South Africa Provides

With the easing of the lockdown regulations in South Africa, small businesses are presented with an opportunity for survival by reviving their business in line with the "new normal".

This is going to require a new way of thinking as social distancing continues to prevent business owners from carrying out business as usual. The growing demand created by the dramatic increase in online traffic is forging the "new normal" and this is where you can take advantage by adapting your business to this growing trend.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin, 1809

Now is the time to adapt to and leverage the digital world by ensuring you have a strong and effective digital footprint that you can leverage to attract prospects, leads, and clients to your business. This does not require you to be an online genius and simply following this training program can have you up and running within days.

Simple 3-Step Process For Business Revival

This process is easy to implement and provides step-by-step training and support to ensure you are up and running in no time.

Step.1. Reflect - This step guides you through the process of ensuring you present your message to prospects in a compelling way that gets them to take action.

Step.2. Refuel - This is where we provide you with the training to level-up your skills on the most effective ways to present your business online so you can start generating leads and revenues without the need for a marketing budget.

Step.3. Reset - The final step is to reset the way you have been doing business up to this point by empowering you with proven and tested strategies that you can use online to attract all the prospects, leads, and clients you need to revive and grow your business.

What You Get...

  1. Creating your market-dominating position (Part 1 & 2).
  2. How to create an elevator pitch.
  3. How to identify your perfect target market.
  4. How to generate leads online (Part 1 & 2).
  5. How to create an effective landing page.
  6. How to create a compelling message your market will respond to.
  7. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract prospects, leads, and clients.
  8. Tactics to accelerate your profit that does not require a marketing budget.
  9. How to be more productive working from home.

The training material consists of high-quality tutorial videos each with their own self-study workbook that further reinforces the training provided in the videos. Templates are also provided where required. Training material can be downloaded so you can watch and read offline.


The Business Coaching Hub has in support of small business owners, made this training available at an affordable investment to ensure widespread accessibility.

You receive immediate access to this valuable business revival training for only R1,750.00. Set your business up to take advantage of the opportunities that the ease in lockdown will present with this Business Revival Course.


P.S. Those that adapt to and leverage the digital world will position their businesses to take advantage of the increased economic activity as regulations have been eased. Now is the time to ensure your business is ready to leverage this growth.

There is no business as usual or going back to normal but, you can take advantage of preparing yourself for the "new normal" by ensuring your online presence leverages the opportunities that are there for the taking by 1000's of potential clients searching for what you have to offer.

The digital world plays an ever-increasing role in what the "new normal" looks like so, secure your business's place in this growing trend by ensuring you have an effective digital footprint.

The Business Revival Course will help you do this for your business.