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Are you ready to embark on a 7-day content adventure that will test your creativity and writing skills? We are excited to announce the ChatGPT Write-A-Thon, where you'll get the chance to utilize ChatGPT's powerful language model to craft captivating content!


How it works:

Each day, participants will receive unique prompts through which they can generate content using ChatGPT. From articles and blog posts to stories and poetry, the possibilities are endless! 

Why participate?

  • Hone your writing skills with daily challenges.
  • Showcase your creativity and improve your exposure! 

How to join:

Complete and submit the entry form below to receive your first ChatGPT prompt.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the depths of your imagination and challenge yourself as a writer! Join us for the ChatGPT Write-A-Thon and be a part of this creative journey!

ChatGPT Write-A-Thon

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