In recent years LinkedIn has emerged as an excellent resource for generating more leads. The increase in online traffic due to the impact of lockdown globally means now more than ever your presence on LinkedIn provides you with the potential to help grow your business and not only survive but, thrive beyond the lockdown. Don't have a marketing budget to generate leads? Now you don't need one!

The LinkedIn Impact Training Program is a result of 14 months of testing, adapting, and proving strategies that I use in my business and have used when coaching my clients on creating an effective LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn is more than a social media platform. It is a place for businesses to connect.  It is the largest professional network where businesses can promote themselves and build relationships. 

As the most useful social network for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is powerful for connecting with potential clients. But the real power comes from the lead generation, market research, and global marketing that comes from this tool.

LinkedIn’s power lies in its networking power. It works the same way on this site as it would in real life.

Sadly, there is a very small percentage of profiles on LinkedIn that have been optimized correctly to take advantage of its power.

This means that when you apply what is taught, your profile will feature among the top 10% of successful LinkedIn users.

The strategies taught in the LinkedIn Impact Training Program are what consistently keep my profile featuring in the Top 2% in my industry and Top 4% in my network. How would this improve your success on LinkedIn?


What You Get With This Training Program

This comprehensive step-by-step do it yourself training program includes a 28-page Training Guide, 3 High-Quality Tutorial Training Videos, and during pre-launch, 3 Graphic Design Vouchers for you to use Free of Charge.

You will discover strategies to easily apply to your LinkedIn profile that ensures you effectively and successfully establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with your target market, and build relationships.

Your profile and brand will stand out from your competition and you will attract all the prospects, leads, and clients your business needs.

You will never need a marketing budget again to advertise your products and services when applying what you are taught.


What You Will Be Taught:

  1. Impact Profile - How to optimize your LinkedIn profile so it attracts prospects and leads.
  2. Impact Company Page - How to leverage the LinkedIn company page feature to promote your brand, products, and services.
  3. Impact Showcase Page - How to use LinkedIn showcase pages to create a virtual product/service catalog on LinkedIn.
  4. Impact Connections - How to find and connect with your ideal client. Includes an exercise to help you identify your ideal client in detail.
  5. Impact Articles - How to use articles to share valuable content and demonstrate your expertise in your field.
  6. Impact Hashtags - How to do hashtag research to get more company page followers, article and post views, and appear higher up in newsfeeds.
  7. Impact Messaging - How to build relationships with your ideal clients using direct messaging that is not invasive and does not pitch a sale but, generates leads.
  8. Impact SSI (Social Selling Index) - How to measure the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships.
  9. Impact Leads - Strategies to implement that ensure you convert your prospects to leads and your leads to customers.
  10. Impact Assessment - Take advantage of a Free no-obligation 45-minute online consultation to have any questions answered as well as go over your LinkedIn presence to ensure you have implemented all the strategies effectively.

Pre-Launch BONUS! During the pre-launch period, you will receive 3 Graphic Design Vouchers. You can use these to have your profile banner, company page banner, and showcase banner designed with your branding and messaging...Free of Charge!