The global COVID-19 pandemic is not only placing businesses under pressure but has also forced the global community online and in South Africa, there has been an increase from 51% to 72% in Internet usage between smartphones and laptops respectively.

Businesses have resorted to working remotely and small business owners have to work from home. This presents an amazing opportunity for online training.

Google Classroom is completely free and requires no upgrade. With over 40 million students and educators worldwide, it might be your turn to learn this platform.

Discover a detailed step-by-step training program that will guide you on how to set up your own classroom for success! We've covered everything you need to take your first step in the world of smart education using Google Classroom.

This is a complete high-quality video training program inclusive of a detailed guide, cheat sheet, and resource report that will surely help you to learn exactly what you need to know to create your own income-generating Google Classroom.


What You Get...

  • 15 High-quality tutorial videos.
  • 72 Page guide.
  • Cheatsheet.
  • Resource report.

Training Provided...

  • What is Google classroom?
  • Why integrate Google Classroom?
  • How can you benefit as a Google for education partner?
  • Latest updates to Google Classroom.
  • Step-by-step tutorial for getting started with Google Classroom.
  • How to create assignments in Google Classroom.
  • How to train your employees using Google Classroom.
  • How to use Gradebook to enhance Google Classroom.
  • Google Classroom tips for teachers.
  • How to measure and analyze classroom reports and usage.
  • Best apps to use with Google Classroom.
  • Great ways to start using Google Classroom now.
  • and Much, Much more...

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Start learning and applying what you have learned within minutes.

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