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This Premium Group has been created by the Business Coaching Hub (Pty) Ltd to provide small business owners with access to business growth training that will empower them to mitigate the impact the lockdown and the COVID-19 situation has on their business. This is achieved by providing them with valuable training, tools, resources, and support to build and grow a long-term sustainable business that will outlast this challenging period we are all experiencing.

Access to this group requires an affordable monthly investment and in return business owners get unlimited access to:


Launches on Monday the 20th of April 2020

Limited to 50 Members

The Business Coaching Hub wants to ensure that all members received the training and support they need to grow a long-term sustainable business therefore, membership is limited to 50 members at any given time.

Business owners will get to a stage where they have acquired the skills they were looking for and will at that stage graduate from the group equipped with what their business needs. On average, business owners should obtain all they need within 3-6 months.

When members graduate from the group, they will leave a space for a new member to join the group and this will be advertised across all social media platforms we are present on.

Book your spot today for the launch or risk waiting 3-6 months for the next intake.

Training Programs Available At Launch

The Premium Group will launch on Monday the 20th of April 2020 with the following training programs available to members:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation For Business Owners ( training program consists of 7 training documents on downloadable pdf format ).
  • LinkedIn Success ( training program consists of 10 tutorial videos and 3 documents in downloadable pdf format ).
  • WordPress Course on how to design and maintain your own WordPress website ( training consists of 10 lessons and a checklist all in downloadable pdf format ).

Training Programs That Will Be Added After Launch

We will add new training programs every week after launch and the following have already been scheduled for introduction to the Premium Group:

  • How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan from scratch ( training program consists of a 27-page workbook in downloadable pdf format ).
  • Business Growth How-To Guides ( 42 high-quality self-study workbooks in downloadable pdf format that teach business growth strategies that require no marketing or advertising budget. a New guide added every week. Guides are 35-45 pages long ).
  • Modern Niche Marketing course ( training program consists of 10 tutorial videos ).
  • The Power of Social Media Stories course ( training program consists of 11 tutorial videos ).

The first program will be added on Monday the 27th of April 2020 and thereafter one new program is added every Monday. We have 45 weeks of training programs to add and are constantly sourcing new training material to ensure a continuous flow of new, valuable, effective training programs.


One-To-One Coaching

and Live Webinars

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